/Dainichi MSankeJr Sanke
Japanse koi Dainichi MSankeJr  Sanke Gosai 54cm
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Dainichi MSankeJr Sanke

54 cm
53 maanden

38th Dainichi Web Auction (December 2020) results for The Koi Company! We managed to win this incredibly rare and beautiful Tancho Sanke from Dainichi Koi Farm. This female measures 54 cm and is born much later than the other koi at Dainichi (which explains why she’s not bigger). The tancho spot is beautifully red, solid and nicely lined. The body is very long and strong with a big head and broad and high backbone. Sumi placement is nice and the sumi quality shows to be of very high quality. Very interesting fish for the future!!