/Dainichi MonaLisa Showa
Japanse koi Dainichi MonaLisa  Showa Gosai 59cm
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Dainichi MonaLisa Showa

59 cm
57 maanden

38th Dainichi Web Auction (December 2020) results for The Koi Company! Another fish we managed to buy where we don’t understand why it went for such a good price. Everyone dreams of having a MonaLisa Dainichi Showa, and now we have one! This koi has very good skin quality and future pattern. Sumi is extremely well placed and shows to be of exceptional quality. Even though this koi is a male, it is already 59 cm, has a huge body, huge head and very good backbone to make the fish thicker in the future. For those who want a Very High Quality MonaLisa Showa for an affordable price, this is your opportunity!