/Dainichi DMJr Kohaku
Japanse koi Dainichi DMJr  Kohaku Gosai 52cm
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Dainichi DMJr Kohaku

52 cm
52 maanden

38th Dainichi Web Auction (December 2020) results for The Koi Company! We managed to buy this very young and very qualitative Nisai Kohaku from Dainichi Koi Farm for a very attractive price. Like the Sanke, this kohaku is from a late spawning which is why it is smaller than the other Dainichi we bought. This koi has a beautiful and well balanced pattern which is spread nicely over the body. Nice odome that stops at the right moment which gives extra balance. Body is very strong, with a big head which promises a very nice future. Beni quality also very good and very thick