/Dainichi Toyota Hourai Showa
Japanse koi Dainichi Toyota Hourai  Showa Rokusai + 66cm
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Dainichi Toyota Hourai Showa

€ 2.450
66 cm
69 maanden
Dainichi Toyota

One of the koi we won at the 7th DAINICHI TOYOTA spot sale event. This is also a very classical Showa but from the Hourai bloodline. This koi is still a young sansai and measures already 66 cm. Hiroshi (from Dainichi) guarenteed us a growth potential of over 90 cm! It has a long and very strong body, strong tailtube and a big long head. The sumi and beni pattern is very special, as the red is mostly on one side, but thanks to the sumi development it gives a well balanced look. When the koi becomes bigger and larger, the red pattern and the white markings will come up more and give even more balance to the fish.