/Dainichi Toyota SP.Butta Shiro-utsuri
Japanse koi Dainichi Toyota SP.Butta  Shiro-utsuri Gosai 71cm
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Dainichi Toyota SP.Butta Shiro-utsuri

71 cm
56 maanden
Dainichi Toyota

One of the koi we won at the 7th DAINICHI TOYOTA spot sale event. Look at the video and enjoy an insanely good shiro utsuri from the SP. Butta bloodline. It is clear that when the sumi comes up (and it will, you can see this in the core of the black scales), the pattern is going to be amazing. Also the body of this fish is amazing (normally shiro-utsuris are weaker behind) and gives the koi not only the potential of becoming very big, but also very large.